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Welcome to Les Bouis hotel


Dear Guests,

We are delightful to welcome you at Les Bouis Hotel. We thank you for choosing our hotel for your stay in the Golfe of Saint-Tropez.

We hope this directory will help you. Please feel free to contact the team for any further information or assistance, we will be pleased to help you to personalize your stay.

We all remain at your entire disposal to turn your experience in our hotel throughly enjoyable.

 The Team wishes you a very pleasant stay at Les Bouis.



A beautiful Provençal house, built in the 80s held for 20 years by adopting Tropéziens, the hotel was taken over in March 2015 by Axel, Maryline and Jean-Claude Bourjat who fell in love with the surrounding of the hotel.

The Hotel faces the Bay of Pampelonne and it offers us a panoramic view of the big blue sea.

"Les Bouis is a quiet setting, away from the local agitation, enjoying a magnificent natural place."

We have chosen to commit to reduce its environmental impact to preserve the setting in which you have chosen to spend your holiday to limit pollutions.

Since we started, we strive to daily respect our environment the best as we can, in our choices we make for the operation and development of our hotel. This start with natural amenities products in rooms, the selective sorting for which we take special care, the use of cleaning products made with natural products, and the reduction of non-recyclable products.

Les Bouis’ team welcome you with warmth and simplicity for a relaxing stay.




It is programmed according to the season and for an easy use for everyone.

We thank you to only adjust the temperature. Please turn on the air conditioning when the door and windows are shut. For your health and efficiency, air conditioning should be adjusted depending on the outdoor temperature, about 7°C less.


Pets are not allowed except for our most loyal customers with permission of the managers. Dogs must be kept on leash everywhere including the parking. It’s forbidden to leave them alone when you are out of the hotel. A place is arranged at the bottom of the ground for their conveniences.



Baby cot and other accessories are available on request at the front desk.


Open from 08:00 am to 9:30 pm. For a coffee, a midday snack or an aperitif, and to taste our cocktails and homemade platter of assortments. Rate attached.


The breakfast is daily served from 8:00 am to 11:00 am on the terrace next to the pool. It can also be served in your room on request at the front desk, with an extra charge of 5€ for the room service (dial 9).  Rate attached.

In case of rain, room service won’t be charged.



In case of an early departure, we thank you to inform the front desk the day before. The front desk is open from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm for the payment of your stay.

Late check-out will be possible after agreement of the front desk.

50% of the room rate will be charged until 3:00 pm. A full night will be charged after 3:00 pm.


To organize any excursion, booking request for traveling, dining, entertainment, childcare, rent scooters, bicycles or car, please contact the front desk who will be happy to assist you.


We accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard). We also take cheque and cash.



We choose our preference of products from local producers.

We use as much as we can natural products for cleaning, natural welcoming products, low consumption light bulbs and LED bulbs.

When leaving your room, please make sure all the lights and TV are off and adjust the air conditioning.



In case of fire starting, please call manager at the front desk or from your room (dial 9 on the phone), then go to the rally point at the patio.


Don’t throw away your cigarette buds anywhere in the hotel (parking, passageway, patio, terrace, grass, etc). Please use the outdoor ashtrays and pots of sand.

We remind you that the hotel is located in a risky forest fire area. Don’t throw away your cigarette even extinguished, neither from your car.


There is a receptionist available from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Nevertheless, you can reach us outside of these hours. (Dial 9)

The doors of the front desk are closed from 10:00pm.



To improve your comfort, please contact the front desk for any request for the cleaning service:

  • • Adapters
  • • Extra blankets and pillows
  • • Iron and ironing board
  • Laundry
  • Mosquito solution



WIFI access is available in all rooms and public areas of the hotel

(password: given at the front desk at your arrival).



A laundry bag is available in your cupboard for cleaning or for ironing. Leave it to a room maid or call the front desk. Your laundry will be returned directly to your room. Rate attached.

Except you requested, we change sheets every 3 days. If you like changing towels, we thank you to leave them on the floor (dried towels are left in place).


We can keep your luggage at the front desk, if you arrive before 4:00 pm for your check-in, or during your check-out if you want to enjoy the day by the pool or for lunch.


From May to October the hotel offers on request to the guests only simple cold meals, prepared with local, seasonal products that you can enjoy on terrace (except when it’s rainy) everyday until 2:30 pm except on Thursday. After 2:30pm and on Thursday, we can suggest tasty dishes and homemade platter of assortments at the bar near the pool. Table d’hôtes days, you can see the daily dish at the bar and must order before 11am.



A mini bar is at your disposal in your room. If you want other beverages you can contact the front desk or come to the bar. Rate attached.



Our parking is an uncovered outdoor parking for free. For safety reasons, the hotel gate is closed during the night and a code is given at your arrival for your late returns.

Electrics car charging, even Tesla®, are provided for your convenience.

We thank you to park your car to make sure that all guests could find a parking space.

FYI: For security reason, please do not leave valuable objects in plain view.



Rates are available at the front desk and at the end of the room directory.


The availability of the rooms on the day of arrival is guaranteed from 4:00 pm and must be released the day of departure before noon.

The hotel has 23 rooms, 19 with terrace overlooking the Bay of Pampelonne.


The front desk is closed after 10 pm, we suggest you to keep the key of your room  and to access directly from the parking. Thank you to make sure you have the code of the gate with you. Clients that have been dropped by taxi have to take the gravel pathway.


The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, however a service in your room is only proposed from 6:00pm to 9.30pm.



A safe combination is available in your room. We remind you that this safety box must be closed whether you are in your room or not.

The hotel cannot be responsible for the loss of all objects, passports, jewelry or cash left in your room or terrace.


Selective sorting is done by all staff. In your room, please leave on the floor the

cardboard, newspapers, magazines, plastic or glass bottles, cans, batteries.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you to be aware not to put them in the wastebins made for garbages.


A video surveillance system is installed for your security 24h/24 in public area.   

Use the hotel safe for your valuable objects. We advise you to close your door, your windows and/or shutters when you leave your room even in day time, either you are in or out of the hotel. At night, if you wish to open the window, your shutters have to be closed. If the safety instructions are not followed and the safety box is not used, the management accepts no liability for theft.


The pool is strictly reserved for hotel’s clients. For clients’ respect and    tranquility balls, pool toys and noisy games are not allowed. It is forbidden to run, jump, around the pool. Children must be accompanied by their parents. The hotel accepts no liability for accidents occurring in their absence. For safety reasons, the pool is closed from 9:00 pm. to 8:00 am. During this period, the pool is protected by an electronic alarm and swimming is therefore prohibited.



On check in day you are given a personal card which allows you to get towels for the pool and you must give them back at the bar when it’s necessary to change. Then the personal card will be given back to you. On check out day missing cards will be charged 40 € per towel.


Refer to concierge service


Refer to the next page


Gel soap distributors that are available during your stay are for sale at the front desk for 9.50€. Information at the front desk


TV Channels

TF1  1 Canal + Cinema 28
France 2 2 Canal + Sport 29
France 3 3 Eurosport 1 30
Canal + 4 National Geo 31
France 5 5 Planète  32
M6 6 Euronews  33
ARTE 7 BBC W News  34
C8 8 CNN Int  35
W9 9  DW English 36
TMC 10  BBC Arabic 39
NT1 11   RTVE 40
NRJ12 12 TVE Europa 41
LCP 13  RAI 1 42
France 4 14  RAI 2 43
BFM TV 15  RAI 3 44
C NEWS 16  RAI News 45
C STAR 17  HSE 24 46
GULLI 18  Eurosport DE 47
France Ô 19  RTL Austria 48
HD1 20 RTL2 Austria  49
L'Equipe 21 RTL A  50
6TER  22 Vox Austria  51
 Numéro 23 23  Vos CH  52
 RMC découverte 24  RTL CH 53
Chérie 25 25 1TVRUS 54
LCI 26 1TVRUS Eur 55
France Info 27 RT Doc  56


To call from your room, a line needs to be open from the front desk.

The rate is 50cts per impulsion.

FRONT DESK: Dial “9”

ROOM TO ROOM: Dial « 3 » + the number of the room

CALLS WITHIN FRANCE: Dial « 0 » + the ten-digit number

INTERNATIONAL CALLS: Dial « 0 » + « 00 » + the country code and then the number



Austria   43 Luxembourg 352
Belgium 32 Monaco 377
Canada/USA 1 Norway 47
Denmark 45 Spain 34
Finland 358 Sweden 46
Germany 49 Switzerland 41
Hollande 31 Russia 7
Italy 39 United Kingdom  44





Minibar Rate

 Drink Volume Price
 Evian 50 cl 5.50 €
 Badoit 50 cl 5.50 €
 Perrier 33 cl 5.50 €
Coca Cola  33 cl  5.50 €
Orangina  25 cl  5.50 €
Homemade Juce A. Millat 33 cl  7.00 €
Leffe Blonde  33 cl  6.50 €
Heineken 25 cl 5.50 €
Château des Marres 50 cl 23.00 €
Champagne 37.5 cl 35.00 €
Chips Tyrrells 40 g 5.00 €
Peanuts 50 g 5.00 €
Cereals bar 40 g 6.00 €
Chocolate Lindt Excellence 35 g 5.00 €

Bar Rate

Drink Volume Price
Evian - Badoit 50 cl 5.50 €
Benedetto 75 cl 6.00 €
Perrier - Coca Cola- Ice Tea 33 cl 5.50 €
Orangina - Schweppes - Limonade 25 cl 5.50 €
Homemade Fruit juice A. Milliat 33 cl 6.50 €
Heineken - 1664 25 cl 5.50 €
Pietra - Leffe 33 cl 6.50 €
Fresh squeeze juice 12 cl 8.00 €
Expresso   3.00 €
Double expresso   5.50 €
Cappucino - Coffee with cream - Caffe latte - Macchiato   6.50 €
Tea - infusion   4.50 €
Hot chocolate   5.00 €
Fresh fruit cocktail   12.00 €
Fresh fruit cocktail with alcohol   15.00 €
Ricard - Pastis - Liquors 5 cl 6.00 €
Gin - Whisky - Rhum - Vodka 5 cl  6.00 €
Campari - Martini - Suze - Porto 8 cl  8.00 €
Alcohol with soda   11.00 €
Cognac - Armagnac - Eau de vie 5 cl 9.00 €
Mojito   15.00 €
Kir  12 cl 8.00 €
Apérol Spritz 12 cl 11.00 €
Syrup  5 cl 3.00 €
Bottle of Wine
Côte de Provence Rosé "Rosé des Marres" 75 cl  23.00 €
Château des Marres "Prestige" (red, rosé, white) 75 cl 33.00 €
50 cl 23.00 €
Domaine des Bouis rosé Organic "Grande Vendange" 75 cl 35.00 €
Domaine des Bouis Rouge Organic 75 cl 40.00 €
Château Minuty Rosé "Rose et Or" 75 cl 42.00 €
Champagne M.Brugnon "Blanc de blanc" 2010 75 cl 70.00 €
Champagne Laurent Perrier Brut 37.5 cl 38.00 €
Glass of Wine
Côte de Provence Rosé "Rosé des Marres 12 cl 5.50 €
Château des Marres "Prestige" (rouge, rosé, blanc) 12 cl 7.50 €
Domaine des Bouis rosé Organic "Grande Vendange" 12 cl 8.00 €
Domaine des Bouis Rouge Organic 12 cl 9.00 €
Château Minuty Rosé "Rose et Or" 12 cl 10.00 €
Champagne Laurent Perrier Brut 12 cl 14.00 €
Piscine rosé "Rosé des Marres" 18 cl 8.00 €
Piscine rosé "Château des Marres" 18 cl 10.00 €
Piscine champagne 16 cl 18.00 €




Open every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 am


The complete formula includes

1 hot drink, 1 freshly squeezed fruit juice, 1 duo of croissant/madeleine         

from Sénéquier®, cereal bread, butter, jam and honey,

1 homemade fruit salad, 1 yogurt.

In addition, on request: Nutella®, dried fruits, selection of cured meat and cheese



The formula Café-croissant includes

1 Hot drink, 1 duo croissant and madeleine (or bread basket),

1 fresh squeeze juice



Oatmeal menu

Homemade organic oatmeal + cottage cheese + fruits



Boiled or scrambled eggs  4.00 €
Omelet 7.00 €
Extra ingredient (ham, cheese, tomato) 2.00 €
Selection of ham 6.00 €
Selection of cheese                                                         6.00 €
Hot Drink
Tea - American Coffee 4.50 €
American Coffee with cream 6.50 €
American Coffee latte 5.00 €
Expresso 3.00 €
Double expresso 5.50 €
Cappucino 6.50 €
Hot Chocolate 5.00 €
Almand Milk 2.00 €
Fruits Jus & Laitage
Small squeezed fresh fruit  (2 oz) 5.00 €
Squeezed fresh fruit (4 oz 10.00 €
Fruit Salad 6.00 €
Piece of fruit (seasonal) 3.00 €
Dried fruits (prunes, grappes, figs) 3.00 €
Yogurt/Cottage cheese  3.00 €
Bread - Cereals
Basket of fresh breads 8.00 €
French Pastry 3.00 €
Cereals for kids 5.00 €
Organic homemade oatmeal* 6.50 €



Clean and ironing Price per piece

Ironing only

Woman top tank 6.00 € 3.00 €
T-Shirt 8.00 € 4.00 €
Cotton shirt 10.00 € 5.00 €
Silk Shirt (fragile) 12.00 € 6.00 €
Simple Skirt/short 10.00 €  5.00 €
Long Skirt 13.00 € 6.50 €
Other Special Long Skirt 16.00 € 8.00 €
Trousers 12.00 € 6.00 €
Other Special Trousers 15.00 € 7.50 €
Pull over 9.00 € 4.50 €
Wool pullover 12.00 € 6.00 €
Dress 13.00 € 6.50 €
Long Dress 20.00 € 10.00 €
Other Special Dress Variable Variable
Jacket 14.00 € 7.00 €
Underwear 2.00 €  
Socks 2.00 €  
Towel 8.00 €  

All clothes given to the laundry are given back in 24 hours.For clothes cleaning or ironing requested for the same day an extra of €10/piece is charged.